Thank You Coaches and Enthusiasts...for a great 23 year run!

In 1993 with your help, Plays-in-Motion became the first playbook animation and publishing program - ever - for personal computers.

It started with football, then gradually expanded to basketball, volleyball and a host of other team sports.   From the beginning, PiM has fascinated coaches and especially their players, who quickly gravitated to a new medium and method for learning the timing and tempo of the game.

Along the way, we've met some fantastic people who adopted our vision and implementation and led their teams into the literal dawn of a new age.   We formed a great partnership and we will always value their contribution in our success.   "Thank-You" to one and all!


2016...a Time to Bid Farewell

This year, after a period of deliberation, we have decided to retire Plays-in-Motion thus ending its long and distinguished career.   The online store is closed and only a few copies are still available at Korney Board Aids, our catalog sales partner.   You can check with them to see if they have a copy to sell.

If you buy from Korney, we will provide support in accordance with our standard licensing agreement!



You can reach us at the following link:

Mail to PiM


'V' for (your) Victories

We wish you the best of luck in all your coaching endeavors.   And once again, "Thank You" for having been one of "our" Coaches!!